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You may be struggling to teach yourself how to play your favourite songs. I’ve been there and I can sympathise with the frustration you may feel. The reason for this is you are missing very important pieces of a much bigger puzzle in your guitar playing. Do you want to keep messing up when you try to play for your friends, your family, or your girlfriend? Do you want them to keep asking, “What’s that you’re playing? I don’t recognise it.” No, of course you don’t!

Maybe you want to play popular campfire acoustic songs. Maybe you want to sing along with them too! Maybe you want to write your own songs. Maybe you want to play with friends, family, in a church, in a band, etc. I’d love to help you with any of these goals. All the songbooks, YouTube lessons and DVDs out there miss out on very important information that you need and don’t present the information that they do give you in the correct order. It’s not your fault, and there is a solution!

You’re not alone. I know how you feel having experienced this problem myself when I was learning how to play the guitar by teaching myself. I would often be too nervous to play in front of anyone or be worried that if anyone heard my playing, they wouldn’t think I was any good! I was so frustrated that what I was playing didn’t sound the way it should. It was just plain bad at times. I really wanted to show off what I could do, but I couldn’t actually do it yet. I can relate to you because of this and also because I help people overcome these exact same problems every week when I’m teaching.

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You may have got a beginner DVD with a guitar you bought showing you a few chord shapes, right? Maybe you have tried looking up free YouTube lessons all night or all weekend too. I sure did back in the day! Maybe you have books that don’t seem to help you overcome the problems you have. Maybe a well-meaning friend or a family member who plays guitar has tried showing you a few things too, but this hasn’t helped you either and only makes you more frustrated!

Would a doctor try to teach himself how to practice medicine? Would a pilot teach himself how to fly? No! This isn’t how learning to play guitar works either. These solutions have failed because you need to learn from one trusted and proven source that has helped many other people in similar situations. You need a source that has a reputation for helping people overcome these problems every single week. These students were just like you, looking for the best acoustic guitar lessons in Larne. You can’t learn from multiples sources like this because you’re not qualified to discern between what good information is and what bad information is.

Imagine if you discovered how to overcome these problems with a step by step guide and proven strategy instead. Imagine if you did this with a guitar teacher that dedicates his life to helping his students and who would be walking you through the entire process as well. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Now you can finally play the songs you want because you have the missing pieces of the puzzle that weren’t presented to you before or that you overlooked. It is crucial that you learn things in the right order. I know exactly how to help you because I do this every week with people just like you.

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I have tirelessly researched the many different ways to overcome chord changing problems, I’ve tested them, and I’ve found the methods that work the best so that I can give you the best understanding of exactly what you need to do. This means that you can finally overcome these problems and never have to experience them again!

I was once like you, so I can relate to the exact problems you are going through. I not only got through them myself, but I’ve helped many other people overcome them as well. Now, I want to help you.


Here Is What You Will Get

  • The fundamentals you absolutely need delivered to you in the right order so that you can consistently make any chord change smoothly
  • You will be able to play in front of your family and friends with confidence
  • The proven strategies to master chord changing so that you can play your favourite songs
  • Learn how to make your playing sound as good as possible so that your guitar playing sounds like the song itself
  • Develop excellent rhythm and timing
  • Learn how to practice effectively so that you can improve every time you practice
  • Have fun and feel good about your playing to keep continuing and improving for years to come

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You Have What It Takes To Play Guitar Now

People sometimes have misconceptions and bad information about what it takes to play guitar. They may think they don’t have any natural rhythm, that they need “natural talent”, they don’t have an ear for music, they worry that they can’t read music, they may think they’re too old, they may think that their hands are too big and they may even think that they hands are too slow if they are older.

None of this matters at all. Learning guitar is a skill that anyone can learn. Whatever level you are currently at can be increased exponentially in a very short period of time. I see this every month with students at Larne Guitar School. Let’s get you started today, whether you want to learn pop, indie, folk, country or even acoustic blues! If you want to learn guitar, I will teach you.

You want the freedom to play what you want and achieve your musical goals, don’t you? Great! No more struggling, no more guessing, no more practicing the same old stuff you always practice and not making progress. Those days are gone. The best acoustic guitar lessons in Larne are right here. 


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