James Caldwell

“I can see that you’ve put a lot of effort into the method in which you teach the guitar and I appreciate that. I’ve enjoyed that aspect of it.” -James Caldwell

James' Song

Andrew Murray

“I can play nearly everything I want now. I had music lessons before and didn’t really enjoy them. I keep coming back because I really love them.” -Andrew Murray

Andrew's Song

Jim Finlay

“I’d definitely recommend Michael. I really am surprised at what I’ve learned in such a short space of time.” -Jim Finlay

Eric Clapton Cover

“I can’t believe how far I’ve come in the last 3 months. Forget about anything anyone has ever said to you about not being able to play the guitar.” -Tina Gibson

“If you want to start guitar, go to Larne Guitar School. It’s a good place where you can learn guitar.” -Lewis

“It’s always good just to pull out your guitar and play something and people go WOW!” -Jolie

“It’s a great encouragement when people actually recognise what you’re playing.” -Jim Carson

“It’s daunting to try something new after retiring, but from the first lesson, Michael had me playing guitar.” -Tricia Rapp

“I enjoy doing chords and Ode to Joy.” -Marco

“Marc started to come and he just blossomed, and he just loves it.” -Anne about her Grandson, Marc

“Before long, I was playing things that sounded really incredible. I was so surprised about how quickly I was able to progress.” -Neil Bingham

“My friends were doing it, and I just really wanted to get involved.” -Cain

“I’m now able to play barre chords, which was a really hard thing for me to conquer and I can play a lot more songs.” -David Shaw

“My chord changing is much better. I would highly recommend it.” -Maurice Egerton

“I would recommend to anyone to give guitar lessons a go. You will be surprised how good you can become with a little help and dedication.” -Marianne about her son, Owen

“I really enjoy it and I’d recommend giving it a go.” -Ryan

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