Kids Guitar Lessons in Larne

Learning Guitar Is Fun And Helps Children For The Rest Of Their Life

Would You Like Your Child Involved In Something That Has So Many Other Life Benefits?

At Larne Guitar School, your child, grandchild, niece or nephew will learn how to play the guitar in the right way from day one. Do you know that most guitar teachers do not even bother to get mentoring and coaching advice in how to teach people guitar in the best possible way? This is a sad truth. Just because someone is a good guitar player, doesn’t mean that they know anything about teaching the instrument!

I promise you that this will not be the case with me. I will show your child how to learn the instrument properly, in a relaxed and fun environment. I will take them through a step by step process that will help them learn in a way that is not too difficult for them.

Many teachers will go ahead and show you child how to play very awkward full chords from day one that will hurt their fingers. This is a disaster! I will ensure you child has the best possible opportunity to have fun and progress on the guitar, without them feeling overwhelmed.

Many parents come to me telling me about the lessons their son or daughter has had in school. Time and time again, I hear that there was a new teacher every few weeks, or that they didn’t even learn anything. I want to show you how even kids as young as 5 can learn to play guitar. I take pride in providing the best kids guitar lessons in Larne. 

Sometimes a well-meaning friend or relative might have shown them a few chords or tunes, but this is often quite damaging because they have no training in how to teach children to play guitar. This could lead to them thinking playing guitar is difficult and frustrating. I don’t want this to happen! You need someone who does this every week, makes the process of learning fun and simple, and gets real results.

Your child can come to an environment where they will learn many skills that help them not only play guitar, but also assist and improve them in their academic studies. Imagine if they did this every week and it became a part of who they are! They would develop an excellent work ethic, improve their problem solving skills, become more independent, be creative, have lots of fun and make new friends too.

I take teaching younger students very seriously and have researched and traveled abroad to find the very best way to do this. I’ve tested these methods with many young students from Larne and beyond, whilst keeping the lessons fun and motivating too. This means that your child can get the best information from day one and be part of an environment where they are expected to succeed because learning guitar in the right way is actually easy!


Here’s The Benefits They Will Receive

  • Improved listening skills so that they can focus better in school
  • Promotes their social skills so that they can develop better friendships in the rest of their life
  • Teaches them perseverance 
  • Musical experience will strengthen their ability to be more verbally competent so that they can communicate better in everyday life
  • Improved coordination so that they can improve other skills throughout their life
  • Increased memory capacity so that they can perform better in their education
  • Understanding music can help children visualise various elements that should go together, which will improve their problem solving skills


Get The Best Information From Day One

Parents can sometimes have some incorrect ideas about what they think their child needs to play guitar. Let me assure you that you don’t need “natural rhythm”, “natural talent”, an ear for music, you don’t need to be able to read music, you don’t need to have any musical history in your family and you don’t even need adult sized hands to play guitar! 

The fact is, your child can play guitar with the right tuition. Learning guitar is one of the best skills to have and children as young as 5 can begin to do it. I see this every month with my young students and I’m always so pleased and proud at how well they do.


You Want Proof, Right? Here’s What Three Of My Young Students Have To Say

“If you want to start guitar, go to Larne Guitar School. It’s a good place where you can learn guitar.” -Lewis

“I enjoy doing chords and Ode to Joy.” -Marco

“It’s always good just to pull out your guitar and play something and people go wow!” -Jolie

Larne Guitar School is situated on Larne Main Street, with parking and local shopping nearby to suit the busy parent. Flexible lesson formats are available and you don’t have to come to the same slot every week. We can find a schedule that suits your needs. I want us to get started right now in helping your child with something that will help them in so many ways for the rest of their life. The best children’s guitar lessons in Larne are available right now.

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